The Bridesmaid Studio

Choosing your bridesmaid outfits should be an experience. Laraine Westwood Bridesmaid Studio was born out of the desire to provide a space for brides and their girls, to come and enjoy finding their perfect bridesmaid outfits. The studio provides you with choices. With over 100 styles, each available in many colours, all in one place, so that comparing your favourites is simple and fun. The quality of the materials and design are exceptional and will make your girls feel and look as amazing as they are. I would like to believe my studio creates happy memories for you, on your journey towards your special day.

The Appointment

  Come in good time, usually at least 6 months prior to your wedding, although rush orders can be paid for.
  Come with appropriate underwear and shoes, if possible.
  Come with your mum, your best mate, all your bridesmaids, come as you want.
  Come and spend 2 hours of exclusive use of my studio; rippling your fingers through the 100 + outfits I have for you to enjoy.
  Come and enjoy a glass of sparkle or still.
  Come and narrow your selection down by seeing how the dresses move, how they feel, how they look in person, how different styles compliment.
  Come and find choices in styles, fabrics, lengths and colours.
  Come and be measured for your chosen outfits and I will place your order.
  Come and create a memory. These moments in the lead up to your wedding are precious and should be momentous.

Alterations are often required and are not included in the price of the outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you were looking for here, please call or email and I will answer all your questions.

When should I start looking for bridesmaid outfits?
It is totally up to you. It is never too early, but outfits can take many months to arrive. Here’s what you need to know to make an educated decision.

Dependent on the designer the outfits can take between 8 to 14 weeks to arrive, as they are made to order.

You are likely to need time for alterations; these timescales vary dependent on the seamstress you choose. To be safe leaving 5 weeks for alterations is wise.

Rush orders can be paid for; these vary between designers and current demand.

I can store your outfits until you wish to collect (final payment will be due within 7 calendar days from the outfits arriving in my studio)

Do all my bridesmaids need to be at the appointment?
Not at all, this is your experience and I welcome you to come and visit my studio a few times, if that is your preference. Once you’ve fallen in love with an outfit, I would need measurements for all your bridesmaids to place the order. We can discuss options for any bridesmaids that are unable to visit the studio.

What is the ordering process?
To place an order, I need to have measurements for all bridesmaids and a 50% non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due within 7 calendar days of the arrival of your outfits to my studio.

What sizes do you stock?
Each style is in one size and these range from size 6 to size 24. Orders can be placed for sizes 0 to 30 and for extra length. Plus size outfits and extra length may carry a surcharge.

What options are there for junior bridesmaids?
I stock several designs for junior maids from Sorella Vita and B2. Both design teams aim to provide junior maids the same style and quality in their outfits with minor modifications based on their youth.

What colour options are available?
All the outfits come in a great choice of colours, this does vary between designers and fabrics but be rest assured your colour palette is likely to be covered. 

What are the prices of the outfits?
They range between £150 and £300, with the majority floating between £200 and £250.

Do you do alterations?
No... but amazingly we have a seamstress in the Adelphi Mill where I’m based. Linda at StitchitSisters, has over 20 years of experience, covering sewing, sample & design, quality control and much more. She’s very competitive and she is absolutely delightful. Who you use is completely your choice and is a separate arrangement between yourself and the seamstress.