B2 Jasmine

The B2 collection from Jasmine Bridal is a perfectly balanced range of classic and unique bridesmaid dresses, ranging in price from £175 to £215, offering something to suit every wedding and bridesmaid. The shapes and designs available within this collection are designed to cater for every woman, offering classic maxi dresses with cinched waists as well as one of a kind designs such as lace midi dresses and lace bodices, this is a range that is fully inclusive for every female.

Jasmine Bridal paid real attention to fabrics when they designed the B2 collection, perfectly blended soft chiffons with heavily embellished materials, mixing in lots of lace along the way. Whatever look you want for your bridesmaids on your big day, this range of bridesmaid dresses is bound to help you create it. From the Hollywood glamour feel of their sequins, lace and sheer panel midi dress to the relaxed boho vibe of a ruffled maxi gown, these dresses can help set the ambience of the day, a unique quality not many bridesmaid collections can provide. Colour is a big part of the Jasmine Bridal B2 collection, covering all eventualities and offering something perfect for every bride’s wants and needs. From delicate pastels to bold metallics and rich darks, whatever your colour scheme for the day, you’re bound to be able to find the perfectly coordinating bridesmaid dress in this range.

There’s a lot to take in when looking at the Jasmine B2 collection, so allow the experts at Laraine Westwood to help you explore the range and find the ideal dress for you. We have a great selection of these gowns available to try on in our studio and can discuss colour and sizing options with you during your visit, helping to ensure a perfect fit for every maid, including younger girls. The unique selling point of the B2 Jasmine dresses is how junior versions of the adult dresses are available in most styles, simply modified to be more age appropriate for younger wearers, meaning your whole bridal party can coordinate.