Hayley Paige Occasions

A unique take on your classic bridesmaid dress, Hayley Paige Occasions are the creators of stunning, intricately designed bridesmaid dresses for adults, prices ranging from £200 - £285. A simply breath-taking selection of floor length gowns with an abundance of unique design features, the Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaids dresses perfectly combine classic shapes and details with one of a kind touches that makes these gowns a standout choice for your party of special ladies. From bold necklines to daring sleeves, fabric choices you’ve never thought of before to shapes that you simply didn’t think would work for bridesmaids, this daring brand of bridesmaid dresses set new standards and are the perfect choice for fashion-forward bridesmaids who want their attire for the day to match.

Explore a selection of beautifully designed and finished dresses in a range of colours and fabrics, from the deepest navy to the palest pink, whatever your theme for the day, you’ll find a Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaid dress here to match. Each new collection of Hayley Paige dresses brings something new, something we’ve never seen done in this type of gown before. From jumpsuits to layered tops and pearl capped sleeves, there’s nothing ordinary about these dresses, so for bridesmaids who deserve to stand out, choose Hayley Paige Occasions.

We’re proud to have an extensive selection of Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaid dresses here at Laraine Westwood and have great knowledge about the designers behind the brand and can help you get the full potential out of every gown, exploring all the options available with each individual dress. To get a feel for these dresses and experience them in their full glory, book a visit to the Laraine Westwood bridesmaid studio today.