Sorella Vita

Not your classic bridesmaid dresses, the Sorella Vita gowns are designed to be an ultra-modern, high fashion take on the traditional bridesmaid dress, creating something truly special that your maids won’t be able to help falling in love with. Often understated but always unique, the designs from the Sorella Vita range are always made with red carpets and modern trends in mind, bringing to the market a selection of one of a kind bridesmaid gowns that showcase stunning shapes, breath-taking necklines and of course, intricate details to finish – the perfect combination for a bridesmaid dress that will look simply memorising heading down the aisle.

The colour palette these dresses are available in covers all your basic colours but uses shades that are far from standard; forget basic blues and plain pinks, this modern and chic colour selection incorporates shades such as rich burgundies, popular neutrals and modern greys, just what brides of this generation want. These are far from your average floor length gown thanks to the carefully selected fabric choices and intelligent shaping meaning that these maxi length bridesmaid dresses flow to the ground in their own unique style to become truly eye-catching as they make their way to the altar.

To explore the breath-taking collections within the Sorella Vita brand, head into the Laraine Westwood studio. We have a broad selection from this stunning range available to try on during your visit and can also discuss alternative colours, fabrics and design options with you whilst you’re in the studio, helping you to take an off the peg Sorella Vita dress and make it something one of a kind especially for your wedding. Allow your maids to feel like princesses on your big day too by dressing them in Sorella Vita.